year end celebration

The end of any year is the time for introspection and a look backward to determine how best to move forward with the company’s new vision & implement it within the new year.

Year End Marketing Analysis 2019

It is this time of revision that is so vital to a company’s success and often, one doesn’t have enough time to devote more than once a year to do this. December may not be the end of some companies fiscal years, but it is most often the time for revising and updating plans, goals and more. Let’s help you take a better look at your own.

One Compelling Reason +

Decades are always incredible times of change, with massive shifts in what works, what doesn’t, what is launched, what is new, and what is most innovative. Being able to keep up in the new, is a huge advantage and the best way to keep up is to determine how to get ahead. Since one’s only measurement of success can be from their past failures, looking back is a great way to learn how to move forward, especially taking into consideration things which are on the horizon, as well as predictions.

Data Drives Change

There is no marketing campaign out there which is successful without metrics. Being able to analyze that huge amount of data is crucial to growth and success. Taking a yearly stock and inventory of where you wanted to be, where you actually are, and where you still want to go is important to mapping out the immediate future. 

There is a large amount of data to sift through, so it’s important to tune into what is most important to one’s own industry or niche in the advertising/business world, and aim for that. The more narrow the audience of prospective clientele is, the better advertising works; but be careful not to narrow it too far or it won’t reach far enough.

Know Thyself

Who does the company appeal to? Who IS the company? Does the company have a brand or a logo? Does the company have a social media following, and if so – where? Where are the people who will fuel company growth for tomorrow? Where are the most loyal company followers found? Being able to answer these things helps to solidify the company’s efforts by having a unified goal and vision in mind as times and needs change. 

Rebranding may be necessary if a company has spent a while stagnant or is relaunching into something new they haven’t tried before. It’s a way to reintroduce the trusted along with something new and exciting.

Set Achievable Goals

When looking critically at data to determine the best way forward – consider something important. How many of the failures were merely the fault of setting goals which were too lofty and unreasonable to meet within the time period granted them? This is one of the biggest obstacles to any business owner; small or otherwise. Over-reaching can often trip up the most experienced marketer.