Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Posted by Magiweb on September 6, 2019
Surprisingly, many people think social media managers command a hefty price tag. This may be true of some, certainly, but not all – and there are varying degrees of social media management as well. With the many factors affecting pricing to an extreme degree, it’s a perfect time. But why does a company or even an individual need social media management?

Advertising’s Brief History

Advertising has changed mediums over time. Each time is a struggle at the beginning, to adapt to the new, and discarding the trusted and old, but to stay ahead in the market, you have to be able to adapt, and quickly. Advertising dollars were once best spent on newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.

Now, the only reason to be in a newspaper is if a business is local, magazines if worldwide or very niche specific, radio if local, and television if a giant in the industry. Given that most with an online presence likely hope for more than a local market, the shift had to occur to go where people migrated.

The Shift to Social

More people are joining social media today than ever before, the digital world continues to blossom and grow, and everyone wants to talk about it. If the entire point of advertising is to be where the people are, it makes good business sense to be on social media.

Different types of people of all varieties can be found on different social media outlets. It takes work to determine where you need to be.

Adapt or Die

At the beginning of the social media boom, there wasn’t much to speak of in terms of advertising. For some time, Facebook was both free and ad-free. They’ve had to adapt multiple times, as have many other giants, to strike a balance in a time of lightning pace advancements, and those changes have often been huge. The decision to allow advertisers into their space was one of those changes.

The ideal of having a social space where people felt free to share and to mark life’s moments free of advertising’s ‘dirty money’, was more of a fairy-tale dream than the reality had become. He needed advertisers to keep it going, and soon it became the new normal.

Handle With Care

Once this took place, a huge shift occurred, whereby advertising on social media was the new BIG thing, and absolutely where everyone should be.

There are few brands out there without a social media presence, and almost all the giants can be found there. People have realized they now have personal power like never before, and while some abuse it – others will go onto the giants’ social pages, and vent anger, frustration, and air the dirty laundry of the company for all to see.

Exposure hurts companies, and the effects can be devastating if handled badly.

Lighting Fast Change

That lightning pace mentioned prior is the entire issue with social media marketing, however, and many handle it badly – if at all. There are still some businesses out there who don’t have a social media presence at all. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn then, that people expect a social media presence these days. Nobody is using a phone book to find you, they rely on the internet. Having a website is great, but it’s standard fare these days.

Having a social media presence is the newest must-have, to be anyone worth knowing to the public. They feel that having this presence makes a company more trustworthy because it allows them a way to contact the company and air a complaint if that contact is ignored.

Why Do I Need a Social Media Management Solution?

Who can keep up with that sort of pace?

People who own small and large businesses know that there is not enough time in the day to do their own work, and manage their social media to the degree it ought to be to truly see amazing results. That sort of dedication is a full-time job all on its own. Those who do try and do it themselves, often burn out or get tunnel vision. This is when someone looks for something to write about, or cover as a story – and only writes one way.

What they chose to write about, was also their choice. The images chosen – also their choice. By having a social media management solution, there is an opportunity for new, fresh ideas not seen before, or used before.

There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that varies based on the solution, but always the ease of not having to concern oneself with the heavy burden of social media advertising while maintaining a site and the business itself.

An easy answer to knowing if you should invest in a social media service is asking yourself:
 1. Do I have the time?
 2. Can I afford a service?
 3. Do I understand my market?
 4. Do I have a strategy?
 5. Am I objective to my brand?
 6. Can I find the right service for my brand?
“It is a misconception that social media managers command a hefty price.”

Tiers & Pricing Structures vs Need

There are multiple degrees of management, from the smallest being a lightweight auto-poster that will schedule posts for you to hiring a famous agency from another country with accolades all over their page. You can grab our free Magi.Social management dashboard here.

The pricing matches the service, with some packages differing in terms of options, so it’s important to ensure that when choosing a social media solution that you know exactly what you are looking for, and how much you have to reasonably spend on this. Do your research on Google, there is plenty of knowledge to be found about how your industry niche ranks among social media giants. Like this article on Linkedin, (read) which suggests that even a building company should be on Twitter, which seems – at the outset – very unexpected.

When you figure out where your competition is, and where your audience is the most, you’ll be better able to decide what level of service you require for your social media management.

Time vs Money – is it worth doing in-house?

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Your time is worth more than any other commodity, and at some point doing it all yourself or having someone in-house do it is ultimately going to cost more in terms of productivity.

At Magi.Social we offer social media management services which are niche-specific to your industry and written by native English speakers. We ensure every post shines like you want it to, and is classy, professional and most importantly, valuable to your followers.

If you’re serious about seeing results from your social media presence, want to grow your audience, and don’t want to have to slog for hours getting it done yourself, we encourage you to check out our plans – we have something to fit every budget and objective!
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