Levels of Social Media Management

Posted by Magiweb on September 13, 2019
The end of any year is the time for introspection and a look backward to determine how best to move forward with the company’s new vision & implement it within the new year.

Social Media Manager

Many companies -even those run by a single individual – have hired a social media manager. Social media marketing and management take a large amount of time to do well and measurably better than average, so it’s easily a full-time profession on its own. The job can be found posted on all job boards around the world and is a growing occupation due to rising need. Hiring a social media manager seems like the smartest thing to do, but not everyone can afford the same amount, and call it ‘reasonable’.

What level of social media management do I need for my business?

A balance between what your audience expects from your social media profiles and what you can afford is what must be achieved.

Levels of Social Media Management

Lowest Tier

If you are the business owner and operator rolled into one, then you may consider doing the job yourself, thereby and saving the money you’d have otherwise spent on outsourcing the work. Each case is different but ultimately this may cost more in the long-run. Having an online presence on social media is a foundation, and it’s every bit as important as a brick & mortar storefront (possibly more so in an ever-growing online world), because it’s your reputation and brand you’re building – your online ‘face’ as it were – and getting it right the first time means much better results long-term.

By having to do both the social media management and general management of the job plus all the other duties, there is rarely enough time to do any one of those perfectly, so most split their time among all the necessary tasks. Unfortunately, often this means that social media management is the first to fall by the wayside, because it doesn’t initially seem as important as everything else which needs to be done, and it doesn’t show immediate results either. Social media management and advertising is a long-term investment which begins to make sense as engagement grows. Sales are directly influenced by engagement, and that can only happen if the business is present, and… engaging!

In this scenario, utilising software tools to leverage your time better will definitely be helpful, as you’ll only need to dedicate a fraction of your time to setting up your posts in advance and letting the software publish them on a schedule. You are still able to control what gets posted, when it’s posted and where it gets posted.


If you prefer to outsource the social media management service completely but still oversee what is being posted, there’s a good middle ground option. The outsourced party can utilize media (such as images) from those you provide in addition to stock photos available on the net – that would typically get coupled by appropriate text and a link to your website. You’ll be able to see the posts prior to them publishing and can recommend changes beforehand. Typically at this tier, the social media manager will be responsible for creating and scheduling these posts, but won’t deal with replies to comments, inbox message etc..

This level is easily the largest time saver because while picking a great image can take time, more goes into sourcing what to write, verifying accuracy, and finding the perfect blend for the audience. Writing headlines and the summaries beneath or next to a photo post which are engaging and captivate interest are not the easiest things to craft or to get right (considerations include ‘too long’, ‘too boring’, ‘too short’, ‘misleading’ and so much more). It’s difficult for a person with a small business to manage all of the things required of a social media manager, which is why results often fall short of the mark.

Magi Social Content Writing Services provides this option. Our goal is to give back time lost to research time, subject material, content sourcing, photo sourcing, best times to post, keeping up with social media marketing trends and more. Leaving the posting up to people who do it for a living makes sense. All Magi.Social’s Social Media Managers are first-language English speakers with far more stringent requirements than that of most ‘writers’. There are many people that can and do offer social media management as a service, but be warned: it’s common to have issues with typographical errors, grammar mistakes, and plenty more to discourage wasting one’s money on the service.

Having a great mid-tier option means that the price doesn’t break the bank, but it takes a huge weight off in terms of responsibility and stress and replaces it with relief and free time.

Top Tier

If you’re looking for a truly hands-free option and you’re not interested in hiring an entire team in-house to do the job, this option is usually chosen.

It also includes replies to posts and comments, which means that the company need only choose how many times a day they want a post to go out, and they’ll go out like clockwork, with replies ready for comments as they come in. Replies are constructed from a set of template “questions and answers” provided by you, and where an answer is not provided, your outsourced social media manager will ask you for the answer which will then be added to the Q&A template for use in future should the question/comment arise again.

With this option photos, text, video and any other media useful to the running of your social media channelsas well as any other 3rd party media sources available to the social media manager’s arsenal will be leveraged to produce a power-packed social media timeline which forms the foundation and basis for a business’s online profile (or maintains one which is already well-formed). It means you don’t need to worry about bad PR, not answering questions etc., and know that the pressing messages or urgent needs are the only time they’ll be bothered by it.

The package provides for deep flexibility in terms of scope where anything over the cost of the base package is involved can be negotiated a’ la carte and as required by agreement. This is the luxury option for any business not looking to self-hire their own social media management team, which would include a strategist, marketer, producer, designer, researcher, writers and more, yet still reap the benefits of all of these.

Time vs Money – is it worth doing in-house?

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Your time is worth more than any other commodity, and at some point doing it all yourself or having someone in-house do it is ultimately going to cost more in terms of productivity.

At Magi.Social we offer social media management services which are niche-specific to your industry and written by native English speakers. We ensure every post shines like you want it to, and is classy, professional and most importantly, valuable to your followers.

If you’re serious about seeing results from your social media presence, want to grow your audience, and don’t want to have to slog for hours getting it done yourself, we encourage you to check out our plans – we have something to fit every budget and objective!
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