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Posted by Magiweb on June 9, 2020
Anyone can have a social media presence and website, this is true. What is not true, is that anyone can just post what they like and get results.

In this post we provide some helpful guidelines as well as an easy-to-use posting download.

Download our easy to use posting guidelines

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It’s a Science

There is a science to all of this, and mighty algorithms which make it more difficult than one can imagine to do that very thing - even with extreme talents at writing, or with marketing.

The ability to ensnare visitors within a landing page, a site homepage or a social media page - is a mix of psychology, marketing, wordsmithing, and no small amount of clairvoyance. It isn’t one thing that a person must be good at, but many - which is where so many trip up.

Start at the Beginning

Before the posting begins, the poster must be able to answer a few key questions.
1. What are you hoping to achieve?
A. Are you looking to build your brand? Create authority? Build engagement?
2. How much time do you have to reasonably invest?
B. Reasonable is just that, don’t overextend yourself. More is better, but not at the cost of everything else.
3. What media translates best for your brand & is readily available?
C. Images, videos and text are used most often, and video is best of all of these, but not all formats translate well for all types of business/industry.

If you aren’t able to answer all of these, then don’t start posting anything until your framework is complete, or it’s all just wasted effort. It’s best to build the foundation first, then build upon that.

Time to Schedule

Once this framework has been completed, the next step is to begin working out a posting schedule, keeping in mind #2 from the framework. This one question can derail every well-meaning site manager, and cause burnout before the goal is met. Always ensure the time given to the project does not exceed one’s own capabilities/already existing commitments.

Here at Magiweb, we recommend posting between 2-4 times a day with multiple types of media to keep the audience interested, engaged, and curious. Write down the ideal posting schedule, knowing that it can always be adapted for growth or as needed, but don’t overreach at first until there is a pattern established that is comfortable, and easy to accomplish.

See our download for an example posting schedule.

Content Sourcing

Content sourcing is one of the hardest, and most time consuming parts of the entire endeavor, and as people tend to be fickle - it can be difficult to foretell what they’re going to love one day, and hate the next. Trends can affect these things, as can current events, politics and more, making it a difficult path to navigate even on good days. This is where being a bit of an oracle comes into play, being able to foretell what the public craves at any given time, and getting it right.

Keyword Research

There are ways to circumvent this though, like doing keyword research courtesy of our actual oracle friends over at Google. (Google keyword planner)

This powerful tool will help you figure out the best industry and niche specific keywords are performing best for your business, so you can pack them into posts and ads, without making it ridiculous (see keyword stuffing which can harm rather than help). The clever use of these keywords can only help as users looking for what you’re offering are funneled to you more often with quality content on offer, and keywords Google recognizes while crawling/indexing.

This is time consuming, even with a mogul in your corner like Google, so ensure you plan enough time to get this done at the start of every day or once at the start of each week to write down any new keyword changes, or trends which will affect your posting schedule and needs.

Content Curation

Finding multiple types of content is important, since all forms of content perform differently and not all work for all brands.

Images, videos and text can all be gathered in bulk from trusted sources, saving time having to grab one by one as posts go out, which is terribly inefficient.

Once the content has been gathered, it can be segmented into posts to schedule out across the day, or even the week, but keep an eye on posting going out a week in advance, since all social media sites, and even websites or add-ons can suffer glitches from time to time, and your audience shouldn’t suffer when it occurs, so always have a backup ready to post at a moment’s notice.

Content curation gets a bit easier over time as the library of evergreen content grows - since the best performing posts can be re-posted via ICYMI (in case you missed it) posts, or just re-posts of the original when enough time has passed. You’ll want to ensure a constant influx of new content as well, not just reiterated old content to keep people curious and interested.

Be mindful of copyright infringement while sourcing content as well and make sure all permissions are free to post, since nearly nothing is free anymore and to tread upon it is to take chances of a lawsuit from the copyright owner, and potentially others.

Editing Material

Another time sink is editing of images to fit sizing in different formats preferred by social media sites, websites, as they’re all a bit different in terms of what is considered optimal, and when not optimized, can greatly slow down or stall the loading of pages.

Don’t waste a ton of time editing an image unless it is being used for paid advertising, as the payout won’t be worth it most times. Taking 5-10 minutes per image is fine to resize or to embed a company logo, but trying to do too much only takes up time and doesn’t give back in any measurable way.

Use software that is easy to use, many are free. They’ll help you make templates that can assist in posts, text and more - which allow for different types of content as well. This saves the average user from countless hours trying to reformat everything to fit different needs and sites, and possibly still get it wrong. The software developers know what is needed and sought after site by site, and can ensure the best type of format is used depending on the type of post.

For more tips, see our download!

Time vs Money – is it worth doing in-house?

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Your time is worth more than any other commodity, and at some point doing it all yourself or having someone in-house do it is ultimately going to cost more in terms of productivity.

At Magi.Social we offer social media management services which are niche-specific to your industry and written by native English speakers. We ensure every post shines like you want it to, and is classy, professional and most importantly, valuable to your followers.

If you’re serious about seeing results from your social media presence, want to grow your audience, and don’t want to have to slog for hours getting it done yourself, we encourage you to check out our plans – we have something to fit every budget and objective!
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