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Social Media PRO Dashboard

Manage your Social Media campaigns
one convenient dashboard with no limitations

Pro Account


  • Visual Composer

    Over 40 professionally designed templates so your audience can enjoy the classy and sleek new looks that you have available.

  • Images

    Unlimited image uploads and stream integrations. This further broadens your choices and flexibility in completely customizing your market plan and your ability to be seen and get your brand recognized.

  • Save Queries

    This ability allows you to keep track of where you have been and so you can quickly and easily refer back to a post you’d like to make or a breaking news story that directly affects your business.

  • Bulk Uploads

    If you only have a few moments during your day to commit to uploads, we have you covered.

  • Statistics

    Advanced real-time statistic tracking in one place so you can easily capitilize on what’s working and make changes to what’s not.

  • Time Analysis

    Our time analysis allows you to see which of your posts are being viewed the most and when, so you know when your target audience is most likely to notice what you post.

  • Filter

    Customize your dashboard to sort out which stats are most important to your business.

  • Content Research

    Unlimited research means you can browse as many news posts and trending articles as you want to ensure you find the perfect one for your social media platform.

  • Content Export

    Export content so you can conveniently use on additional social media platforms.

  • Tutorials

    You’ll get comprehensive tutorial resources to ensure you are never stuck wondering how to best utilize your powerful dashboard.


Magisocial PRO Dashboard

Makes managing your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts simple.

Magisocial PRO


  • Simplifies social media

    All social media interaction is in one place with a single login to the easy to use, intuitive dashboard which works smoothly on desktop, tablet & mobile.

  • Saves time

    Easily find relevant and engaging content, create high impact image posts with zero Photoshop experience and schedule it all in advance.

  • Performance measuring

    Measure best performing content / hashtags, find optimal times of day to post & easily reschedule most successful content.





Below are some of our frequently asked questions; if you require any assistance or have any queries you can contact us here!

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For more information click here

Light Social Media Management2019-12-09T21:45:54+00:00

For more information click here

How can I trust you to use good grammar and present my company in the best light?2019-12-07T21:02:57+00:00

Our staff are all native English speakers who have been highly trained and employed for their excellent word skills. However, there’s another level of protection too! To ensure you don’t have “down” time due to illness or holiday’s, we “queue up” your posts at least seven days in advance.

This has the dual benefits of ensuring we always have good quality posts about your company ready to send and it allows a more senior member of staff to apply a level of quality control over everything that is written by their team. These are then scheduled and viewable via Google Docs to allow you to review them at your leisure.

We are happy to send you proof, just email us with a request through our contact form.

Can you schedule specific content for me at specific times?2018-01-17T07:48:59+00:00

Yes! Our account managers can schedule in posts for you to announce sales starting or other information on your behalf. Even better, our control panel enables YOU to easily and quickly monitor our social media content that we’ve scheduled for you, and add or amend your own items. It gives you massive control over your social media networks.

Will you “deep link” to pages other than my homepage?2018-01-17T07:44:59+00:00

We will deep link (create links to internal pages) normally unless you specifically ask us not to. Please note that deep linking can cause problems. If we deep link to a page and you change that page URL at any time in the future (even years down the line), then the link will be broken and can have a negetive impact. Deep linking is also harder to track, and can lead to incorrect statistics. (Your homepage link can never be broken)

Are There Any Hidden Costs?2018-01-12T15:04:26+00:00

Not at all, the dashboard is currently FREE and by signing-up now you are welcome to stay on the FREE version for as long as you like!

How Do I Upgrade To PRO?2018-01-12T15:01:59+00:00

There are links in the dashboard that will upgrade you to PRO in under 2minutes.

Should I upgrade to PRO?2018-01-12T14:57:48+00:00

If you are making good use of the platform (and you should) then I would advise upgrading to PRO to get the best use out of the dashboard.

How Long Will It Take Before You Are Posting For My Business?2018-01-12T14:53:39+00:00

Once we have received the completed form it usually takes about 5-10 working days.

What Happens After I’ve Placed My order?2018-01-12T14:54:01+00:00

We will send you a quick form to fill out that will give us information about your business so that we can begin the research process.

Do I really need this?2018-01-17T08:00:12+00:00

That depends on how much time you spend sourcing and creating quality content – what is that time worth to you?

Will This Work For Me?2018-01-17T08:07:29+00:00

We are experts at social media and keep up with trends and technology. We understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and microblogging – so you don’t have to. Keeping your social media feed active takes alot of time, dedication and patience. This service was created to boost your social media presence in a way that appeals to your followers; in this we are very effective.