Engagement Bait Penalties on Social Media

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Engagement bait tricks people into engagement with a post to boost their social media status, by asking for things like reactions, comments, shares or other typical engagement markers in terms of data. Quality engagement is the biggest sign of a successful company with real figures to draw from. It’s also very rare [...]

Which Platform Is Right For My Business?

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Everyone knows by now that a business needs to be on social media, and many of them to be successful, but many still don't know which their particular brand, business or niche belongs on. Tips vary of course from source to source; here are ours - gathered by years of experience and from [...]

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

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What a small business owner requires versus what a large corporation requires in terms of social media management are two vastly different things. How to determine what level of service you need means figuring out where your business falls in the scale. The Importance of Social Media Marketing In the [...]

Why You Need a Social Media Manager

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Surprisingly, many people think social media managers command a hefty price tag. This may be true of some, certainly, but not all - and there are varying degrees of social media management as well. With the many factors affecting pricing to an extreme degree, it's a perfect time. But why does a company [...]