Best Tips for Social Media Management

Posted by Magiweb on October 24, 2019
Social media has become a giant worth knowing in any line of business. Knowing how best to navigate the inner workings of each is an art learned by the best social media managers out there.

Knowing what they’re doing is key to one’s own success.
There are different definitions of success depending on the size and scope of the business. No matter what the definition however, examples are everywhere. From once small startups like Facebook and Google, come legions of data which tracks what they’ve done that has led to their success. They’ve also published plenty of celebrations of their own milestones on their own respective sites.
Within each giant is a social media manager allstar who is likely running thousands of things at once, like the conductor of an orchestra, they keep things flowing smoothly without a pause. It wouldn’t be possible without their having learned what works, and what doesn’t. They also didn’t get there without multiple failures first, and they too – love to talk about what works.

Even at some of the smaller levels of success, there are people like influencers out there who have created a lucrative business out of being the spokesperson for particular companies on their YouTube channel or blog. All of these people post about what they’ve done that made it work, and could be called the pioneers of social media management, at all levels.

Shared Social Media Manager (SMM) Traits

Total Time Management

SMMs have a busy schedule, and it never stops for coffee. Social media doesn’t sleep. Since this is the case, SMMs plan their work lives with this in mind, and have things scheduled and ready to roll out over the weekend if need be, along with backup plans if something should fail.

With such a busy schedule, it can be all too easy to become distracted by the stream of reactions a post creates, checking on it multiple times throughout the day. The best presence for social media is to schedule posts to go out, and to plan to be ‘live’ on the site while doing other work during the busiest times for visitors, with a few posts planned to go out during those hot spots.

It also enables a direct feed of data on how the site’s visitors are responding to the content of the posts at the times it is most crucial. By checking throughout the day, the data is harder to interpret accurately as it changes constantly.

Relationship Master Builders

Incredible SMMs realize the power of human connection and know that people don’t want a cold feeling after dealing with a company, and they don’t want to feel like data or a payday. They also don’t want to do business with companies who deliberately obscure their contact details, or have only a FAQ section to handle inquiries.

SMM’s respond to these things directly from the data they gain while watching how their posts go throughout the week, the month, and at specific times of the year. They’re able to create an environment that visitors want to come to, where they’re welcomed, made to feel special, and thanked for their patronage.

They’ll also know when to deploy certain automations into marketing, like chatbots for messaging platforms for the most basic of questions or to subscribe. In today’s world, one thing seems to be lasting – the need for transparency and to be genuine; the only way to attract lasting loyalty.
SMMs know what their audience is looking for, and seek to overdeliver.

Consistency is Key

Great SMMs are also consistent in everything they do; they have to be or they’d get nothing accomplished. Consistency comes from being organized, but we’ll get there.

They plan out their marketing goals for each site using data gained from posts, which is always being updated through meetings with the team, and feedback from the visitors. SMMs worth following realize that the job is never done, and one never knows ‘everything’ about the job, because the job itself is constantly evolving as the landscape it was created for does.

While setting these goals, they’ll decide how many posts, and what type of posts to make on each site they plan to be on. Those will be scheduled to post, along with plans for live posts to go out when the SMM plans to be present, or to have an appointed other person present.

The audience learns when to expect a live stream, or a news topic, or even a regular release from the company. It could be a newsletter, or even the company’s latest article posted on their site. People universally love consistency, because it becomes a routine, and routine feels good. Routine, is habit – and a habit, is great for marketing!

Organization Master Skills

The last trait they all share is the ability to be organized. Everyone has worked with someone whose desk looked like a bomb hit it. Somehow, they knew where things were, but it was a complete disaster to any onlooker.

This wouldn’t work for any successful SMM, because there are so many things happening in so many places, which change so quickly, that they need to have a place for everything, and a plan for everything.

SMMs also stay on top of what their team is doing and will jump in to help out in areas like design, research, editing, creative and more. They’re ready to respond in a moment’s notice to bad PR, and have a plan for it if it occurs. They know what everyone is doing, so they can monitor deadlines to ensure the client is never disappointed, and when to change specific tasks with people on the team to respond directly to inbound data from marketing.

They always have their own special recipe for success, and each will explain which things worked for their business and which did not. Between tips like the ones in this article, and those available by one’s favorite success story, it’s a great time to be a social media marketer.

Time vs Money – is it worth doing in-house?

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