Be Where They Are On Social Media

Posted by Magiweb on September 16, 2019
Marketing saw quite a boom with the birth, and rise of social media. Now, nearly everyone is on social media with many using more than just one platform. Marketing here has some lucrative benefits simply by being conveniently where your audience is.
Getting a person to want to give away their email address or street address was once much easier. The same people who may have tolerated this when the technology was new, are less likely to do so now. However, these same people are willingly giving away personal information freely on their social media platforms.
When a company wants data on prospective clients, they’ll purchase it from large data companies like Dun & Bradstreet, totally above-board. While the practice may seem dishonest in some ways, it’s meant to provide a better customer experience, and to be sensitive to more cultures and needs. The more data a company holds on a client, the better they can cater to their needs.

Since social media is providing this for free, it’s clearly the best place to be if you’re a marketer or business, but it’s hard to be everywhere at once. It remains the cheapest source of advertising you can get today for the potential reach you seek.

It is incredibly time consuming to create posts daily for each social media outlet, especially if your time is already full as things stand, without room for extra. There are answers out there though, which save time, money and frustration, while getting your brand seen by your prospective clients – and providing a place for valued feedback.

You can hire a service to do it for you, with plenty of control on your end so you can ensure nothing goes out without your approval. It’s like having a team of ghost writers instantly, as real people create posts tailored to your clients specific tastes and needs.

The service isn’t expensive either, and when looking at having a full calendar as things stand, without much room for extra – at some point, your time becomes worth the money.

MagiSocial is the service you need to save you that time, and to take away a stress or worry you don’t need, by having to be everywhere, all the time, and always ‘on’ for your clientele. The MagiSocial team is made up of native-born English speaking/writing people, with higher education degrees, and an eye for detail.

It will provide a place where you can get instant feedback, and see how your customers are responding to posts. The insights given will help you customize your marketing campaign, and better serve your clients. If you’re not already using some variety of text-brokerage service, you should be. Time isn’t money, it’s worth more.
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