Get on with the 'real work' of running your business...

... while we build your brand on social media and make sure you're always the first person prospects and customers think of when they're looking for your product or service

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Did you find that even though you did your best to cover all aspects of social media management on your own, you still weren't seeing results AND spending more time doing it yourself?

And are you still trying to do it all and getting disappointing results?
Even though you feel like you should be reaching, engaging with and getting reactions from your expected audience, or increasing growth in sales?

Unfortunately, we know your problem all too well.

We've seen countless companies hiring staff and/or trying to grow their brand themselves.
With typical social media management services, you usually run into one of the following




Even though they deliver content, they usually fail to deliver on the quality you would want for your business. While posting regularly is a good way to grow your brand and authority; posting poor quality content will do more harm than good. Writing content that promotes the values of your company and encourages engagement and growth is the key to successful social media management and unfortunately many businesses fail at this.



Nobody knows your business better than you do. Nobody. While they might be able to get an overall understanding of your business, they'll never know the ins and outs of it as well as you do. Meaning they can't represent your business as well as you'd like.



Social media management teams aren't cheap. Quality teams, even less so. The cheapest full-time hire will usually cost over $3,000 for an inexperienced school-leaver, while the more expensive hires can cost over $6,000 or more. Furthermore, finding a person / team that actually communicates and requires no babysitting is extremely rare. BIG businesses that rely on social media to grow can handle the big budgets, but there are no guarantees and smaller businesses cannot take the huge financial risk.
Where does that leave you?

Feeling frustrated about the time and money you're wasting on social media.
Of course, you could always try to do it all yourself, burning the candle at both ends and achieving lukewarm success at best, or spend what you cannot afford getting the team needed to in-house manage your social media needs..

However, that comes with its own set of problems:



As a business owner, your time is probably stretched thin enough as it is. Do you really have weeks, months, YEARS, to devote to becoming a great social media manager? Probably not. Worse still, every minute you spend honing your social skills is time away from your primary job—running your business.



Social Media Management isn't something you can look up on Google and instantly become great at. It takes a great deal of practice to really get it. This includes impressions, clicks, comments, shares video views and a dozen other metrics depending on the type of and platform of the post.

The process involves a lot of trial and error, and it takes years to really develop a knack for it and even then, the way people interact with social media is constantly changing as is the platform. What works today may not work tomorrow. During these ever changing trends you're spending lots of time and money while you try to figure out what works and what doesn't—talk about inefficiency.
Who are we and...


Since 2012 we've helped countless businesses grow their online presence. We've experienced all the same frustrations you have when it comes to social media management. The way you represent your business and engage with prospective and current clients is what makes or breaks a brand, not flashy websites, not the “uniqueness” of your product, not even the quality of what you're selling... you can have the most amazing product in the world, but if you can't convince people of its value, your business will fold. Marketing is the single most important thing for a company to be seen and heard in today's climate, and trying to do it all with one person doesn't work anymore.

It's depressing, because up until now, you've only had 2 options:


Hire a full-time Social Media Manager

Even though it's near-impossible to find an affordable one who can adequately represent your business with quality content.


Manage your profiles and post content yourself

Even though it takes years to become great at, making it completely impractical.
The good news is that today, there's a better option!

...AND it provides business owners with the power of a team of experts, at a fraction of the cost, making it an unbeatable social media solution....
magisocial content writing service
Introducing Magi Social

Social Media Content Writing

Magi.Social is a total social media marketing solution, with different tiers for differing needs, offering everything from posting for you, as you, to completely customized "care packages" where it's 100% hands free, since one size fits all cannot possibly fit all needs, even if:
you don't think you can afford it
you're a small business
you’re in a unique niche

GETTING STARTED: We'll send you a tool with a questionnaire to find out all about you, your brand, your vision and your business so our team at Magisocial can prepare a solution that best suits your particular need. It's fast, and easy to get started. Our Magisocial crew are available to contact with needed changes prior to them going live.
Grow Your Social Media Profiles

With High Quality Content

grow marketing power

Looking for a way to grow your marketing power and Improve your authority?

When people see you have a busy social network in your chosen field they will automatically associate authority with it. Your business will be seen as having increased credibility and specialist knowledge. 

Magisocial has experts who know what keywords are popping for your brand to really stand out and ahead from the competition

Want your prospects to convert into loyal customers who you can sell to over and over again?

As your followers increase your marketing power increases. Over time you’ll gain a loyal following, who you can market to at any time – at zero (or very low) additional cost!

Magisocial has options to source content well in advance of posting needs, with options to change it with the click of a button.
source content for review
grow social media profiles

Need social media authority that sets you apart from your competitors?

As your followers increase your marketing power increases. over time you’ll gain a loyal following, who you can market to at any time – at zero or low additional cost!

Magisocial uses strategies that all the heavy hitters use, without spending the $1000s they do . 

Looking for posts and content that converts and inspires the audience to respond?

It is said of traditional advertising that a potential customer has to see your advert seven times before taking any action.

Magisocial is tuned into what the audience wants most, when they want it most, and are constantly seeking to deliver high quality content that is the best in its class. 

This is your opportunity to get your brand under their noses without being pushy.

With Magisocial, you'll get high quality posts by native English speakers/writers, posts and reactions on your site using tact and care - tailored specifically to your company's profile, curated content, keyword research, social media management/design, and plenty more..

This means, you'll finally get the time back you've been missing while trying to do everything alone.
You're not alone anymore, Magisocial can help, with affordable options to suit every budget.
Say Goodbye To


Nobody likes losing a lead. Nobody. Unfortunately, it can occur throughout any part of the sales funnel: Awareness – Interest – Evaluation – Decision – Purchase – Reevaluation – Repurchase... every step of the way you risk losing a prospect if your marketing efforts fail. Nobody likes losing time with zero results. Building a brand with authority is a process that when not done correctly can harm your business rather than promoting it.

That's why you need a highly effective, compelling social media management solution who knows how to inspire leads to action throughout the entire process, from the moment they find your website and find you on social media, to the second they become a client and buy. 

Existing clients will provide you the social proof you need while we give them great tips and/or feelgood memories of your product or service to remind them why your company is great!
With Magi.Social



The power of an entire social media management and marketing team


A streamlined, and clean solution at an affordable price point


Comfort knowing there is no longer any need to sacrifice time for your "real" work




Where is your target market hanging out? Choose between Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or a combination of all three to put the right message in front of your followers on auto-pilot.

Regular posting

It takes a dedicated team to devote time and energy to get the results you are hoping for.

Consider it takes posting regularly and timely 4-5x a day just for one social media property which can easily become a full-time job.


We know what social media campaigns need to be successful. Our team can provide authoritative and informational posts on your behalf that will please your customers.

We do this all day, every day with content that is evenly spaced out to give a natural feel to the posting as though you were doing it yourself.
easy review

Easy review

Content gets scheduled at a minimum of 7 days ahead which gives you a week to review to make changes or suggestions and you can schedule your own social media posts from within that as well!

As we continue to work with you, we will be able to intuit what you like best, and the things to avoid for future.


You will be able to view the results from within the control panel and view live and ongoing statistics that tell you how much traffic your campaigns get individually, and see where your clickthroughs are being generated from. You can also see your conversion rates from your website by installing your social media feed on your site, further improving your traffic-->lead--->sale ratio!
stock images

Stock images

We provide free stock photo images that will complement your business and we can create unique images for you.

Provide your own photos or let us augment them with stock photos, but be reassured the quality is always top notch and as important to us as it is to you.


Access to our team of social media experts that could cost over $4000 per month for a single hire
If you had to pay an actual in-house social media management team, your costs would skyrocket, and that's even for the most basic of services offered. Getting that same team power from a team who is as invested as you are through Magisocial is a much more sensible solution that doesn't come with the overhead of trying to do it all in-house.
magisocial value
Magi.Social Is


Rather than ask whether you can afford it, the question is..
Can you afford NOT to use Magi Social and continue...

......wasting time and money first learning how to adequately represent you business and then posting to your platforms multiple times ...every ...single

......feeling frustrated over the dismal results your social media campaigns receive

......worrying about what to post next that will improve your standing with your followers in a way that promotes growth... 

instead of getting on with the 'real' work of running your business

Consider the cost of NOT acting today.
Now that I've said that, I'm ready to reveal the price...
Select Your Preferred Option

Our Pricing

magisocial content writing 1 platform


1st month trial
monthly thereafter
 2 – 4 Daily Posts
3 Weekly Image Posts or Tweets
Google Drive Collaboration Access
In-Depth Social Profile
7-14 Day Content Review
Dedicated English Content Writer
* Ideal for start-out and smaller companies looking to grow their brand.
magisocial content writing 2 platforms


1st month trial
monthly thereafter
 Same as 1 PLATFORM except below
 4 – 6 Daily Posts
 3 – 6 Weekly Image Posts or Tweets
* Ideal for start-out and smaller companies looking to grow their brand on more than one social media platform.
magisocial content writing 3 platforms


1st month trial
monthly therafter
 Same as 1 PLATFORM except below
 3 or 4 Daily Tweets
3 Daily Posts
3 Weekly Image Posts
* Ideal for start-out and smaller companies looking to grow their brand on multiple social media platforms.


magisocial strategic campaign

Strategic Campaign

Light Social Media Management

Our advanced service aimed at small to medium sized businesses. Our team of experts will manage your social profiles including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.
magisocial live campaign

Live Campaign

Total Social Media Management

This is the equivalent of employing a full time social media expert at your company, at a fraction of the price and also includes budgeted ad campaigns.



are some of our frequently asked questions; if you require any assistance or have any queries you can contact us here!
Will this work for me?
We are experts at social media and keep up with trends and technology. We understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and 'microblogging' – so you don’t have to. Keeping your social media feed active takes a lot of time, dedication and patience. This service was created to boost your social media presence in a way that appeals to your followers; in this we are very effective.
Do I really need this?
That depends on how much time you spend sourcing and creating quality content – what is that time worth to you?
What happens after I've placed my order?
We will send you a quick form to fill out that will give us information about your business so that we can begin the research process.
How long will it take before you are posting for my business?
Once we have received the completed form it usually takes about 5-10 working days.
Will you deep link to pages other than my homepage?
We will deep link (create links to internal pages) normally unless you specifically ask us not to. Please note that deep linking can cause problems. If we deep link to a page and you change that page URL at any time in the future (even years down the line), then the link will be broken and can have a negative impact. Deep linking is also harder to track, and can lead to incorrect statistics. (Your homepage link can never be broken)
Can you schedule specific content for me at a specified time?
Yes! Our account managers can schedule in posts for you to announce sales starting or other information on your behalf. Even better, our control panel enables YOU to easily and quickly monitor our social media content that we’ve scheduled for you, and add or amend your own items. It gives you massive control over your social media networks.
How can I trust you to use good grammar and present my company in the best light?
Our staff are all native English speakers who have been highly trained and employed for their excellent word skills. However, there’s another level of protection too! To ensure you don’t have “down” time due to illness or holiday’s, we “queue up” your posts at least seven days in advance.

This has the dual benefits of ensuring we always have good quality posts about your company ready to send and it allows a more senior member of staff to apply a level of quality control over everything that is written by their team. These are then scheduled and viewable via Google Docs to allow you to review them at your leisure.

We are happy to send you proof, just email us with a request through our contact form.
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