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Social Media Dashboard

Manage your Social Media campaigns
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How it


how it works

An awesome social media management platform that will turn you into a social media pro.

You can schedule social posts for any time in the future, access a library of pre-prepared social content and create stunning visual posts with over 60 templates and over 1 MILLION stock photographs. There’s also Hashtag Research, Content Research and much, much more to supercharge your social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the best way to gain Traffic and Increase Leads

Find Content

Find relevant & trending content; posted with the click of a button.

Create Images

Create incredible image posts without any photo editing experience from one of our templates.

Schedule Posts

Save time by scheduling tweets and posts from one location accross your accounts.

Actionable Data

Measure campaign performances using our dashboard.


The benefits of using


“Think of social media as a tool, much like the typewriter revolutionized the written word into the typed one, social media has revolutionized content delivery and popularity. Through social networking, the spread of information has never been faster or easier.”

Spike in your conversion rates

This is the ratio of visitors to sales you receive from your site, and social media with regular updates shows you’re constantly “open”.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition becomes much easier because unlike going door-to-door and being pushy, you are allowing the client to come to you with the lure of good advertising.

Get ahead of your competitors

Your competitors may not be using social media, which is a great time to be the one who does. If they are already using social media, it is still crucial to jump onboard before finding yourself left behind. People today now expect a social media presence.

Increase your marketing power

Your marketing power is directly influenced by how many followers you have. These people are loyal, will spread the word and can be marketed to again at no cost. The more people there are interested in you, the more will come exponentially, it’s just human nature.

Become an authority and build instant trust

You’ll become an authority with a recognizable social media presence, and that builds instant trust with the public.

Improve your SEO campaign

Google loves natural linking, and sending people to things they like. Social signals power these results more than any other limiter from the search giant. Embed Twitter or add a Facebook like, and watch what happens.

Increase traffic

Your traffic will explode as you get more and more people coming naturally from Google and social networks.





Over 40 professionally designed templates so your audience can enjoy the classy and sleek new looks that you have available.


Allows you to keep track of where you have been and so you can quickly and easily refer back to a post you’d like to make or a breaking news story that directly affects your business.


Export content so you can conveniently use on additional social media platforms.


If you only have a few moments during your day to commit to uploads, we have you covered.


Advanced real-time statistic tracking in one place so you can easily capitilize on what’s working and make changes to what’s not.


Our time analysis allows you to see which of your posts are being viewed the most and when, so you know when your target audience is most likely to notice what you post.


Image uploads and stream integrations. This further broadens your choices and flexibility in completely customizing your market plan and your ability to be seen and get your brand recognized.


Customize your dashboard to sort out which stats are most important to your business.


Browse news posts, trending articles and videos to ensure you can create the perfect post for your audience and social media platform.


You’ll get comprehensive tutorial resources to ensure you are never stuck wondering how to best utilize your powerful dashboard.

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Below are some of our frequently asked questions; if you require any assistance or have any queries you can contact us here!

Are There Any Hidden Costs?2018-01-12T15:04:26+00:00

Not at all, the dashboard is currently FREE and by signing-up now you are welcome to stay on the FREE version for as long as you like!

How Do I Upgrade To PRO?2018-01-12T15:01:59+00:00

There are links in the dashboard that will upgrade you to PRO in under 2minutes.

Should I upgrade to PRO?2018-01-12T14:57:48+00:00

If you are making good use of the platform (and you should) then I would advise upgrading to PRO to get the best use out of the dashboard.